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Filmmaking for Dummies Seminar in Westwood CA
Filmmaking for Dummies book signing
Filmmaking for Dummies party
Bryan Michael Stoller signing Filmmaking for Dummies
Bryan Michael Stoller swag for Ben Stiller Cinemateque honor
Filmmaking for Dummies, 1st edition
Jerry Lewis foreword for Filmmaking for Dummies
Bryan Michael Stoller & Ben Stiller
Dummies man with Bryan Michael Stoller or visa versa
Dan Aykroyd, endorsement for Filmmaking for Dummies

"I know of nobody more suitable than Bryan Stoller to author a manual on how to get a film made."

                  -- Dan Aykroyd --

At the American Cinematheque Awards honoring Ben Stiller.  Bryan's book "Filmmaking for Dummies" was included in the 700 gift bags for the Stiller event.

by Bryan Michael Stoller

Legendary comedian, actor, writer, director Jerry Lewis wrote the foreword to Bryan's book!

Bryan Michael Stoller & friends
Bryan Michael Stoller & Somaya Reece
Bryan Michael Stoller
Filmmaking for Dummies billboard - Sunset Blvd. Hollywood CA
Alan Horn COO of Disney with Filmmaking for Dummies
Bryan Michael Stoller Vegas Dummies Slots

 Alan Horn (Warner Bros. President (now Disney) 

Filmmaking for Dummies available at Amazon
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